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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life's a Beach - day 2 part 1

We started the day off with breakfast burritos.  Yum.  
I noticed that I didn't take pictures of the food this time around.  I was either too busy cooking, eating, or playing in the water.  Yeah!

Here are some scenic shots from the morning.

Then the kids played around in the Ironwood forest.

After they ran off breakfast, we got ready to hit the water.
One of my buddies has a prosthetic leg so one of the kids played pirate.


My Vibram FiveFingers watching the kids in the water.  After a little while, I shucked them because the sand was nice, the ocean floor was sandy and I love being barefoot, especially in nice sand like that.

The water was super calm in the morning and the waves would pick up.  My little monkey is getting ready to hit the waves.

Just warming up.

I'm the queen of my castle...and a naughty rascal.
My other monkey likes playing in the sand.  When the waves picked up, then she wanted to go into the water.

Here are some of the moms.

Back to the ocean...

The Koolau Mountain Range in the background.

Soon, the waves will be picking up.

One of the dads.
We had ocean outpost duty.  Making sure the kids were ok and swishing away man-o-war that drifted to close to the kids.  There were quite a few over the three days we were there and I am thankful no one got stung.

The kids watching for the incoming waves.

This was the only clear underwater shot I got.  The shore break and wave action churned up too much sand.

I really liked this shot.  The wave he caught wasn't the cleanest and the picture isn't the best, but I liked it.

I am thankful the kids learned to swim and are comfortable in and under the water and surf.

Once in a while, as I am focusing on taking a picture, a wave would catch me and my shot would be messed up.  I especially try to time it so that I can catch them in a wave.

And now for the main event...
the new Olympic Kid Toss...

And yes, he did get style points for completing his flip before hitting the water.

One of the many aircraft we saw.  This one was a large transport.
I was really bummed that my video of the stunt plane didn't come out.  We were treated to a great show by a pilot in a single engine plane going all kinds of aerial stunts.  The guy was good!

The obligatory getting buried in the sand.
The job's only half done so far.

A short nap before lunch.

I have to admit, we eat well when we camp.  Lunch was grilled steak, chicken, sausages, hot dogs and veggies!  Yummy!!

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