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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to gongfu?

My plan was to get back into my gongfu practice after sitting out for over a month after tearing a plantar fascia in my foot playing basketball.

Mrs. Hanzo always seems to want to tag along when I go and hang out with the girls and maybe visit her folks who live near where I practice.  Usually when someone imposes their schedule and plans onto yours, yours don't always go as planned.  Today was no exception.  After waiting for them to get ready and having the guy I was supposed to meet before heading over no show, I was running late.  Then since Mrs. Hanzo brought food for her mom, we had to go there first.  By the time we were about ready to head out, I didn't want to go to practice any more.  By the time I got there, the guys would be all done with their exercises (our warm up exercises and stretches take about 60-90 minutes) and into their drills.  Since Sifu wasn't going to be there today, by the time I got done with my exercises, the guys would be done for the day.

Mrs. Hanzo had planned to run around where we practice while the kids biked.  So since we didn't go and the kids where playing with the animals at Grandma and Grandpa's, I offered to run/walk with her.  I think that was a mistake.  I don't think I got a block before my foot started to hurt, even though I stretched.  She ran and walked and walked after that.  We went for 2 miles.

I was going to do my exercises and forms at home, but my foot was really sore so I decided to slack off and take it easy.  I wanted to make sure I could run soccer practice tomorrow.

So I told Mrs. Hanzo not to come with me to practice ever again.  Nah, I just told her not to come.  Once in a while is ok, but it is difficult for me because she and the kids are somewhere around and show up from time to time.  And I want to focus and not have to worry about them.  Practice runs 3-4 + hours and I usually leave by the end of the third hour when they come.  Plus I am late more often when they come too.  So oh well.  Rant off.

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