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Monday, August 23, 2010

Viking Score!

Today, I had lunch with a buddy and scored!  He bought a couple of Bearded Viking Throwing Axes and gave me one along with some birch bark and paperbark.

Mahalo Kalimalena!

Pretty pissed!

I was very unhappy one of the girls on my soccer team was left behind today after practice. Her aunt dropped her off, left and never came to pick her up. I only let her leave with the aunt because I saw her drop her off but didn't know she split. So I had to scold the mother, which I don't like to do. Thankfully, one of the other moms waited with me after I let the rest of the team go.

When I called the mom to tell her that practice was over and her her daughter needed to be picked up, the mom actually told me that her sister was some place else and kind of expected me to take her there.  So I had to firmly tell the mom that I wasn't taking her daughter anywhere and for her to call her sister to come get her now.  So wherever the sister was, she showed up about 25 minutes later.

My only consolation is I got to see my older daughter scrimmage.  I caught the last play where she stole the ball at around mid-field, was able to dribble past some defenders, take a shot that I thought the keeper was going to stop, have the shot bounce off the keeper and score the winning goal.  Yeah!


One of the ladies in my tai chi class taught me a very cool trick.  Pin a small safety pin anywhere on a garment that usually has static cling and more static cling issues!

I tried it out and it works great.  I have some silk shirts that I like a lot, but I have been wearing a cotton undershirt since I would always have static cling on them, especially after sliding out from a car.  Well, I found a tiny little safety pin (no more than an inch long) and pinned it to the inside bottom of my shirt, and hesitantly wore it without the undershirt.  YEAH!  No static cling.  When I slide out of the car, I can feel the static cling building for an instant, then no more.

Now I don't have to be hot wearing multiple layers in tropical weather.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to gongfu?

My plan was to get back into my gongfu practice after sitting out for over a month after tearing a plantar fascia in my foot playing basketball.

Mrs. Hanzo always seems to want to tag along when I go and hang out with the girls and maybe visit her folks who live near where I practice.  Usually when someone imposes their schedule and plans onto yours, yours don't always go as planned.  Today was no exception.  After waiting for them to get ready and having the guy I was supposed to meet before heading over no show, I was running late.  Then since Mrs. Hanzo brought food for her mom, we had to go there first.  By the time we were about ready to head out, I didn't want to go to practice any more.  By the time I got there, the guys would be all done with their exercises (our warm up exercises and stretches take about 60-90 minutes) and into their drills.  Since Sifu wasn't going to be there today, by the time I got done with my exercises, the guys would be done for the day.

Mrs. Hanzo had planned to run around where we practice while the kids biked.  So since we didn't go and the kids where playing with the animals at Grandma and Grandpa's, I offered to run/walk with her.  I think that was a mistake.  I don't think I got a block before my foot started to hurt, even though I stretched.  She ran and walked and walked after that.  We went for 2 miles.

I was going to do my exercises and forms at home, but my foot was really sore so I decided to slack off and take it easy.  I wanted to make sure I could run soccer practice tomorrow.

So I told Mrs. Hanzo not to come with me to practice ever again.  Nah, I just told her not to come.  Once in a while is ok, but it is difficult for me because she and the kids are somewhere around and show up from time to time.  And I want to focus and not have to worry about them.  Practice runs 3-4 + hours and I usually leave by the end of the third hour when they come.  Plus I am late more often when they come too.  So oh well.  Rant off.

Bollywood Girls

Missus Hanzo and the little monkeys are quite the Bollywood fans.  So when Mrs. Hanzo found the India Market today, she spent a bunch of time in there and bought up some stuff to satisfy her and the monkeys at least until tomorrow.  Here they are posing with their new bangley things.

So while she did that, I did what any other guy would do...I ate!  The ahi limu poke and pulehu tako was delicious!!  I actually even saved her a little.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kalihi Kine Day

Yesterday was a fun day in Kalihi.

First, a massive breakfast at the Pancake House.  The omelet could have fed my whole family.  Plus I got to try Swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter.  Mahalo Sifu!

Then a quick errand nearby.

Then as I was heading out of Kalihi, I passed a friend's work place, so I pulled in to the parking lot and called to see if he wanted to grab some coffee.  Of course, he came right out.  And we went to Wild Bean.

The girls gave me a Roxy Orgasm and they each had one with me.  Yeah baby!

There was a guy there before me that had one.  He said it was good and that he was sharing it with his mother.  I had to speak up and say how wrong that sounded.  Then his mother said not as wrong as her having to share an orgasm with her son.   We all kind of threw up in our mouths a little then.

Then I looked at the girls some more, took their picture, and then the cuter one asked me to take some more, so I did.  I'll be back to take more pictures of them less dressed.  Woohoo!  Yeah, a fun day in Kalihi.

Life's a Beach - day 3

We started off the day with eggs and sausage and bagels.  Then as the kids played in the woods, the adults packed up to reluctantly leave our little slice of paradise.

The plan was to take the girls back to the beach to play for a few hours before heading back home.  We were glad my friend and his daughter could join us.

Of course, the girls immediately jumped into the water.  But as they started seeing man-o-war floating by them, they came out.  And they were very wary after that.
And rightfully so.  There were quite a few floating around.  At one point, over a 15-30 minute period, we found and buried over a dozen of them that washed up near where they were playing.

On a clear day, you can see forever.

On the horizon, you can see two islands.  They are either Maui, Molokai, or Lanai.  I am not sure which two.  The weather was spectacular.

One of many man-o-war that washed up onto the beach.

I was hoping to see this guy land in the ocean, but no such luck.  I mean what's the point of the pontoons if you are not going to use them.  Oh well.

Lunch was on the beach and was just sandwiches, which was somehow appropriate since we ate on the sand.

Properly pooped after three days in the water and running around in the woods.

But not too pooped to end our camping weekend with ice cream.  They enjoyed theirs and I really liked my lychee.  Hmmm...

Life's a Beach - day 2 part 2

What da?!...  We got transported to Jurassic Park?

My baby loves the hammock.  She can be by herself for hours just relaxing, swinging and playing on it.

She wanted some daddy time so she took me around in the ironwoods.

And she's off...done with daddy time.

Cannonball run?  No way, Jose.  Ice cream ball!  Yeah!!  We made a few batches of chocolate ice cream.

Back to the beach to wash off all that sticky ice cream drippage.

Sharks like ice cream...covered kids.

Since there was so much jellyfish, there were turtles (they eat jellyfish) but I couldn't get a picture.  Fortunately, we didn't see sharks (they eat turtles).

The ocean calmed as it got late in the day and the tide came in.

Dinner of fish and scallops with mashed potatos was delicious!

As were the s'mores.

The weather was beautiful.  This was one of the very few times we camped without a hint of rain.  It was nice to be able to pack things up dry.

We finished the night with a round of miniature golf for the kids that one of the moms arranged.

Life's a Beach - day 2 part 1

We started the day off with breakfast burritos.  Yum.  
I noticed that I didn't take pictures of the food this time around.  I was either too busy cooking, eating, or playing in the water.  Yeah!

Here are some scenic shots from the morning.

Then the kids played around in the Ironwood forest.

After they ran off breakfast, we got ready to hit the water.
One of my buddies has a prosthetic leg so one of the kids played pirate.


My Vibram FiveFingers watching the kids in the water.  After a little while, I shucked them because the sand was nice, the ocean floor was sandy and I love being barefoot, especially in nice sand like that.

The water was super calm in the morning and the waves would pick up.  My little monkey is getting ready to hit the waves.

Just warming up.

I'm the queen of my castle...and a naughty rascal.
My other monkey likes playing in the sand.  When the waves picked up, then she wanted to go into the water.

Here are some of the moms.

Back to the ocean...

The Koolau Mountain Range in the background.

Soon, the waves will be picking up.

One of the dads.
We had ocean outpost duty.  Making sure the kids were ok and swishing away man-o-war that drifted to close to the kids.  There were quite a few over the three days we were there and I am thankful no one got stung.

The kids watching for the incoming waves.

This was the only clear underwater shot I got.  The shore break and wave action churned up too much sand.

I really liked this shot.  The wave he caught wasn't the cleanest and the picture isn't the best, but I liked it.

I am thankful the kids learned to swim and are comfortable in and under the water and surf.

Once in a while, as I am focusing on taking a picture, a wave would catch me and my shot would be messed up.  I especially try to time it so that I can catch them in a wave.

And now for the main event...
the new Olympic Kid Toss...

And yes, he did get style points for completing his flip before hitting the water.

One of the many aircraft we saw.  This one was a large transport.
I was really bummed that my video of the stunt plane didn't come out.  We were treated to a great show by a pilot in a single engine plane going all kinds of aerial stunts.  The guy was good!

The obligatory getting buried in the sand.
The job's only half done so far.

A short nap before lunch.

I have to admit, we eat well when we camp.  Lunch was grilled steak, chicken, sausages, hot dogs and veggies!  Yummy!!