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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kalihi Kine Day

Yesterday was a fun day in Kalihi.

First, a massive breakfast at the Pancake House.  The omelet could have fed my whole family.  Plus I got to try Swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter.  Mahalo Sifu!

Then a quick errand nearby.

Then as I was heading out of Kalihi, I passed a friend's work place, so I pulled in to the parking lot and called to see if he wanted to grab some coffee.  Of course, he came right out.  And we went to Wild Bean.

The girls gave me a Roxy Orgasm and they each had one with me.  Yeah baby!

There was a guy there before me that had one.  He said it was good and that he was sharing it with his mother.  I had to speak up and say how wrong that sounded.  Then his mother said not as wrong as her having to share an orgasm with her son.   We all kind of threw up in our mouths a little then.

Then I looked at the girls some more, took their picture, and then the cuter one asked me to take some more, so I did.  I'll be back to take more pictures of them less dressed.  Woohoo!  Yeah, a fun day in Kalihi.

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