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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Hike Last Month - Kulana'ahane Trail

It was a beautiful day to get together with the family and some good friends. So we did. A short hike of a few miles with our children was perfect.

On the way in...

We crossed some of the old turn of the century bridges.

And made our way to Petroglyph Rock.

The petroglyphs were pretty worn and not as distinct as I hoped.

But there's probably a reason for that. Erosion. And curious visitors, like our children. When we realized that people climbing on the rock made the glyphs more difficult to see, we shoo'd our kids off.

And continued on our way. We took various side trails to see what was about. One thing we found in abundance was guava trees.

Most of the trees didn't have fruit or they weren't ripe.

But there were more than enough ripe fruit if you had a keen eye.

And they were sweet, succulent and delicious.

Ohia over there.

The valley was verdant.

Yet when we saw color, it was mostly vibrant red. Like this guy hanging on the edge of a drop.

Or these hibiscus waiting to bloom.

My wife was in all her glory.

And she later reminded me that she held my nuts in the palm of her hand. As if I needed reminding. ;)

Like the tree embracing the rock, these vines clung on too. And there were lots of interesting rocks in the valley.

All things must come to an end, so we headed back out. Although most of us didn't go out with as much sass as these three.

When we got out, we found a nice spot to have a picnic lunch and a little extra play time for the kids and socializing for the parents.

Of course, there were some among us that had other ideas of what was a fitting end to a nice hike and lunch is.

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