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Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Camping... Hawaii. Well, for those of you in the cold, please have some sunshine to warm you up!

We had a chance to camp out prior to the start of soccer season a couple of weeks ago. So we did. Here's our home for four glorious days. We had no rain this time and the days were in the 70's and it got down as cold as the 50's overnight. I almost had to put on pants. ;)

After setting up our tent, I made a shelter for the kids. They like to have their own "clubhouse" to go along with the secret spots that they run off to. I thought their tarp shelter (a modified diamond fly) looked like a sci-fi raptor.

The kids love the wagons. They play with them every time we go camping.

They also love helping out with cooking.

And they really love eating!

They loved the hammock. They would almost fight over it.

Kids like playing in the dark.

Kids love trees and to explore.

Kids are silly.

So are moms.

We saw hang gliders and para gliders everyday. This was at maximum zoom on my camera. 15x, I believe.

Of course, we made fire. I brought various fire making tools to play with. These included the tinder tube I made earlier, the Spark-lite (mahalo Chris!) and a fire piston (mahalo Kalimalena) that I have always forgotten to bring to camp. These went along with the old stand bys, the ferro rod and flint and steel. And while I brought some hau wood for friction fire, no one wanted a go at it. One thing that I learned was that the chaga took a spark fine, but didn't work that well in the fire piston. Char cloth worked the best in the piston.

I also showed some of the guys how to make a soda can stove with a Swiss army knife.

Of course, kids like fire too so they made and maintained their own.

Gratuitous camp fire picture.

A most precious view that I awake to.Some scenery...

We had wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

I found a nice shady and secluded spot to do some Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

And of course, the mountains all around are beautiful.

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