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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One of the best ways to work off lunch...

Granted, there are better ways. But few can match taking a nice unplanned hike unencumbered by gear. Since we are planning on taking the kids on a hike, I thought I would scout out our location in advance. So after a healthy lunch of a burger and fries, off I go.

I grabbed a small light shoulder bag that I keep in my truck, shove a canteen of water in there and a camera and off I go. I did also throw in a pack of tissues for just in case. The only other things I had with my was what was in my pockets. I guess that will be a later post.

Usually whenever I go on a hike, I make an offering of a stone wrapped in ti leaf. But this time, I didn't do it. Maybe because I wasn't planning on going very far...I don't know.

There were a lot of offerings that were left by others though. Piled rocks, rocks wrapped in leaves, fruits, etc.

The trail is easy and the kids will have no trouble with it.

There was a lot of beauty. Like this hibiscus.

And the trees were festooned with leis (garlands of flowers and/or leaves).

The patches of clear sky are always nice.

Generally, it was very dry. None of the streams were running and most of the stream beds were bone dry.

There was a lot to see, like these turn of the century bridges.

While there was water, I wouldn't drink it. Not even boiled or treated. I would only consider it if I thought I was going to die. And then I still might not drink it. If only it was running water.

One of the interesting sights is this dilapidated structure.

Another is this tree embracing a stone.

I think this place is a bushcrafter's paradise. There were stands of bamboo to give building material, pandanas trees for weaving mats and shelter roofs, lots of birds, fruit trees and palm trees, lots of dry grasses and ferns for tinder bundles.

This is one of the massive palms.

And vines galore for cordage.

And when you look off the trail, well it's a jungle out there.

But those are hau trees, they make cordage, fishing floats, and excellent friction fire materials. So other than it being dry, there are lots of materials to make use of. I was bummed that there were no fruits to be had today.

As I was walking along, enjoying myself, I heard this really deep rumble coming from deeper inside the valley that I was going into. It was loud, vibrating, and lasted for about a minute. All during the rumble, I kept going. Then I thought maybe it was the valley telling me to get back to work.

So I turned around and headed back out of the valley and back to work. Several hundred feet from the trail head, I did leave a parting gift.

I will be back with my family and we will likely do a portion of the trail. And later, when I make more time, I will be back to do the whole 11 miles or whatever it is. This trail, like many in Hawaii, will take you across the island to the other side.


  1. Man, thats interesting to me. Thanks, Eagle-BCUSA

  2. Thanks Eagle. What did you find interesting?

  3. Wow, living in paradise and able to hike at lunch surrounded by all that life and all the possibilities. Great post.

  4. Thanks Tom. There's a nearby trail that I have never been on that I want to check out. After I recover from my cold. My wife and girls have had theirs and now it's my turn. Since I have lost my voice I may take a day or two off...