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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nagual Angel

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Linda and Mark from England.

They were larger than life and taller than the mountains. They graced us with their presence and brought goodies. That made the little monkeys' eyes get really big.

We all loved the infamous Kendall Mint Cakes and the shortbread cookies were most delicious.

We in turn, shared a Hawaiian meal. A little mini luau. Or as we say, some ono kine grindz. By the time I thought to take a picture, most of the laulau, lomi salmon, poi, poke, squid luau, kalua chicken, pulehu tako, and haupia was gone. Washed down with iced green tea, there was ALMOST no evidence.

When I downloaded the pictures from my camera today, I found that the girls took about 120 pictures! The little monkeys were the primary photographers. They were given a reprieve from school work and a change in routine to play outside and meet some nice folks. Of course, about 85% of the pictures they took were of...

They weren't trying to take a picture of dad. Look what is centered.

I realized when I saw this that I look like a big old bear. Teddy bear, of course.

After we were done with lunch and running around by the lake, the girls wanted to take Linda and Mark to our most recent camp site.

We hung out and chatted a little bit there, but the girls really wanted to take our guests foraging for guavas.




Hanging out.

After a short while, the girls were tired of hanging out and were ready to forage.

I must admit, we were successful. And our guests and the little monkeys each had a little bag of succulent sweet guava. I think they were sweet and succulent. I am just realizing that I never even got a taste. Hey, what's up with that?!?

Well all good things had to end and we headed back to drop our visitors off. And head straight to two soccer practices. By the way, both of the girls' teams are still undefeated! Go girls!

Instead of dropping Linda and Mark off at their hotel, we left them in the Valley of the Temples, where they were able to continue their wanderings.

Thanks for visiting Linda and Mark. I wish we had more time to take you guys around. We hope you enjoyed your little visit with us and your stay here in Hawaii!


  1. Hanzo, that's something else, looks like a blast! Guests are always fun, and I bet they loved the guava!

  2. Thanks for the comments PMZ. I know I love guava.

  3. Note to self: VISIT HANZO & FAMILY!!!

  4. Aloha Blast. Come on down buddy!! Make sure you bring your beautiful family with you.