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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kalimalena Neck Knife Scores

While I still haven't taken the Kalimalena Neck Knife outside to play, I did use it in the kitchen today to help me make dinner.  Dinner was chicken long rice.

The knife is such a great little slicer.

The onion and ginger was sliced paper thin.  The garlic (not pictured) was chunky.

My lame attempt at an artsy kind of shot with the knife on sliced onion.

Missus Hanzo had put some drumsticks in the fridge to thaw for me.  So since I am preparing the chicken right before dinner and didn't have a chance to season it overnight like I would normally want to do, I scored the chicken to rub the seasoning in.

The knife...SCORES!!

Ok, that was silly.  But what do you expect after I coached two soccer games today?

The knife was great.  It cut very cleanly.  Some of the chicken was still a little frozen.  No problemo.  The Kalimalena cuts through with ease.

So after a bunch of slicing it got a bath.  Then the shave was the test.  The blade was still sharp, but wasn't shaving cleanly.  So a quick touch up on Japanese water stones was in order.  I like the King brand, by the way.  Back to shaving sharp.  I gave it one pass on my formerly hairy forearm and now I have a smooth swath there.

Craig, great job on a fantastic little knife.  It won't process food like my butcher knife, but it does what it is supposed to quite well.  What is it supposed to do?

Be handy, which it is.  
Cut and slice like a champ, which it does.

The knife is so light and unobtrusive that I stuck it into my shoulder bag that I lug my computer and work stuff around in.  Next time I take an impromptu hike, it's coming along.

So everything went in the pot to simmer.  And I went to do something else.

An hour or two later, I went and tasted to see if I needed to add anything.  Nope, it was onolicious!!

Got caught up in the eating and forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  Maybe tomorrow, since we have leftovers and I made a huge pot.

Mahalo Craig!!

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